Ecological Agriculture

Ecological agriculture

Our organic olive oil comes from olive groves located in the Sierra de Los Yébenes. Its altitude and climate make possible to obtain top quality Organic Olive Oils.
Oleoyebel has the EU Organic Certificates of Ecological Agriculture and the CAAE Certificates (Ecological Agriculture Committee of Castilla-La Mancha).

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Olive Oil Jam

Organic AOVE jam.

The Oleoyebel Extra Virgin Olive Oil Jam has a slightly sweet, fruity and almond flavor. It is elaborated with olives of the variety Cornicabra that come from an ecological crop...

Our range of Olive Oil Jam There are 3 products.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Jam. Dare to use it in your dishes!

For a long time jams are not only made with fruits, we find more jams of vegetables such as onion, pepper, tomato, carrot, etc. and they are not only used to spread them on a toast of bread and butter, they are making their way and it is increasingly common to use them to make elaborate dishes, to dress salads, to make vinaigrettes or to give a sweet touch to meats and fish. 

The jelly of AOVE that we present here is a different jam made in 50% with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ecological Cornicabra, water, pectin and 25% sugar. Its flavor is sweet with the fruity touches and slightly almonds that characterize Oleoyebel's olive oil. This is an original and ecological product, made with all our love. Dare to try it and use it on your dishes!

What uses does the jam of olive oil?

You can use it to accompany cheeses, sweeten desserts, as a cover for sponge cakes, combines great with yogurts, fish and meat, you can also use it to dress salads, add it to your vinaigrettes or even a sweet and savory toast.

Buy Oleoyebel's Olive oil jam

Now you can buy Oleoyebel's organic olive oil jam, we offer several formats:

Box of 12 pots with 230g. of Organic Olive Oil Jam.
- You can also try it in our special Pack with a selection of Oleoyebel's ecological products.