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History of Olive Oil.
Our History.

For many years the Gálvez family have been elaborating artisanal Extra Virgin Olive Oil of organic production.

Our cultivation has been developed by generation after generation in particularly suited rich soils to maintain our centenary olive groves in the best condition in the most ideal areas for growing of olives in the mountains of Toledo.

Due to our long experience we have managed to produce a unique and natural olive oil.

Elaboration of Olive Oil

Harvesting, transport and grinding of the olives.

The olive is harvested exclusively in the air (meaning, the olive is still on the tree, never on the ground) in the optimum moment of ripening. The system of harvesting consists in vibrating the olive tree, using special machines. The olives are loaded in trailers and transported to the oil mill.

The olive is ground within 24h of harvesting, so that it does not lose any of its properties. On reaching the oil mill they are washed, weighed and ground immediately. This consists in grinding the olive to break it and release its liquids.

The resulting paste is beaten at a temperature no higher than 27ºC, so lessening the viscosity of the mass making easier the extraction of the oil.


It is the best oil for breakfast, it goes great on toast.

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