¡New harvest 2018/2019!

We have available Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ecological from the new harvest 2018-2019.

Our effort has been worth it, we are very proud of the excellent quality of the Organic olive oil obtained and we are also very happy to be able to offer it so that you can already buy it on our website.

We want to celebrate the excellent quality obtained - we give you a FREE Cheese Olivada with your order!

To celebrate we want to give you a jar of Olivada de Queso if you buy a box of 3 bottles of 5L. or a box of 4 cans of 5L. or a box of 4 cans of 3L. with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Oleoyebel Oil.

The pate of olives with cheese is made with black olives of organic farming, organic goat cheese and natural spices. Try it by spreading it on a bread toast, it also combines great with pasta, salads, meat, fish and vinaigrettes.

Products of the Promotion:

The products associated with this promotion are the following:


If you buy any of these boxes we give you a free jar of pate of olives with goat cheese.