Organic Olive Oils. Advantages over conventional olive oils.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil OleoYebel has both nutritious and agro environments benefits, offering clear advantages over conventional olive oils.

Natural Oil. Pure Olive Juice, obtained Directly from our own Centenarian Olive Trees. "From the Cultivator to your Table"

Pure Olive JuiceThis product is obtained from our own centenarian olive trees. Without mixtures. Without additives. Natural extract from organic olives. The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very valuable food due to the great dedication put into the caring of each of our olive trees.

Furthermore we sell our own olive oil without middlemen, placing it directly on your table.

It offers benefits for nutrition and for demanding palates.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilIt is a safe. natural, authentic and healthy product.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the tastiest and furthermore its nutritious properties remain intact.

Output of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The output of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that is to say the quantity of oil that is needed to give flavor to your dishes is inferior to the quantity needed with other oils, thus achieving an important saving.

Respects the Environment

Respeta el Medio AmbienteOrganic fertilizers and minimum tillage are used which is very advisable for the improvement of the fauna and flora of the soil.

It avoids erosion enriching the soil in a natural way. The underground water is never polluted.

Production in accordance with the process of Artisan Elaboration.

Due to not using intensive agriculture and using only natural products, the production costs adapt to the cost involved in artisan production, moreover the output per hectare is normally lower and this is reflected in the final production price, but the advantages and its delicious flavor amply compensate the difference in price.

Convention Olive Oils

Aceites de Oliva Convencionales
Conventional olive oil has lower production costs which is why it has more economical prices but it loses properties with regards to organic olive oil.

Obtained from Mixtures of different oils and origins even though it is labeled "extra virgin".

Mezclas de diferentes aceitesThere are a large number of offers of olive oil on the market, such as the "smooth flavored olive oil", "intense flavored olive oil", etc. These olive oils are of a lower quality, as they are obtained by mixing a small portion of extra virgin olive oil y a big portion of refined olive oil, the latter comes from oils with notable organic defects which cannot be consumed directly and by high temperatures and chemical products , the impurities and part of its nutritious values are eliminated thus making it apt for consumption.

Lessens the flavor and nutritious properties

Acite fritoOn having a high proportion of refined oils it loses part of its healthy components such as flavor, vitamins, poliphenols, tocoferols and pigments, among others.

Output of Convention Olive Oil

The out of conventional olive oil is much lower.

We need to use a much larger quantity of oil to cook the same things for which reason the works out more expensive as well as having a dish with less flavor.

Harmful to the Environment

perjudicial para el Medio AmbienteIt uses chemical fertilizers and products which can pollute the underground water.

It uses an intense agriculture which excessively exploits the soil recourses.

Prices not in accordance with the quality with consequences

Artificial fertilizers and intensive agriculture are used allowing for the achievement of a very high output per hectare and offering a lower price, but with the consequences of offer a worse flavor and worse quality in the final product and polluting the environment. Furthermore conventional olive oil is normally used as a lure product in large supermarkets and attracts the customers to the establishment with low prices in lower quality olive oils.