Guaranteed Refund

You have 7 days in which without justification may return purchased products as long as they are exactly as you would like to receive their products. This must notify us in advance, (the various consumer organizations recommend do it by registered letter). In that case, you would pay the return postage and, upon receipt of the item in good condition would pay the amount of the purchase to the customer.

Remember that this right is not collected for products ordered specifically for the customer and open or tampered products.

Claims on the material received.

If you receive the package of material signs of tampering or beaten, indicate this on the delivery note and check the goods in the presence of it, do not sign the delivery note without having indicated these incidents despite verify that the material appears be in perfect condition. If after reviewing the delivery of your material differences observed between the material received and the packing slip, let us know immediately, indicating the number of delivery note detailing the differences listed, please indicate a contact phone also to be more agile management if necessary. Remember we can not accept claims on shipments beyond the 24 hours of your receipt of the shipment.

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