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Montes de Toledo Olive Oil

For many years the Gálvez family have been elaborating artisanal Extra Virgin Olive Oil of organic production.

In the centre of the Iberian Peninsula a range of low mountains known as the "Sierra de los Yébenes" can be found. The olive oil produced in this region, which has long been known as “Tipo Toledo”, is highly esteemed. It owes it quality to the exceptional soil and climate conditions particularly suitable for its cultivation, as also to the use of the variety of olive.

We are producers.

ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior category. Pure juice from selected olives, exclusively obtained by mechanical procedures, with a total absence of chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their cultivation, in accordance with the ecological agricultural rules.

This oil is certified by the ecological agricultural association (CAAE).

Our olive oil is of a grand density, fruity in the mouth with a delicate almond taste and a very balanced nose, satisfying the most demanding palates. Its colour varies from golden yellow to deep green.

It is a healthy and delicious food which helps control our cholesterol level and improve the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, with the use of organic farming, we help conserve the environment.

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