• Merry Christmas

    Christmas Pack

    This Christmas gives health!

    This Christmas surprise your family and friends by giving them this special pack of products made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
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  • Advantages of Ecological Olive Oil

    Organic Olive Oil

    Advantages over conventional oils

    Oleoyebel Extra Virgin Olive Oil has both agro-environmental and alimentary benefits, offering clear advantages over other conventional oils.
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  • Our Olive Oil

    Our Olive Oil

    Quality Organic Olive Oil

    Our olive oil comes from organic crops located in the Sierra de Los Yébenes. Its altitude and climate allow us to obtain the highest quality. We elaborate our extra virgin olive oil in an artisan way.
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  • Benefits of Olive Oil

    Benefits of Olive Oil

    Welcome to a Healthy Life!

    Extra virgin olive oil is a safe, natural, authentic and healthy product, not only recommendable for its nutritional virtues, but also has extraordinary healing properties. Even cosmetics use it. Half food, half medicine is essential in a healthy diet.
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  • We care for the environment

    Organic Olive Oil

    We care for the environment

    We cultivate the olive in an artisan way, we do not use artificial fertilizers, we work with totally ecological agriculture obtaining an organic olive oil with multiple advantages.
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  • Olive Oil Offers

    Olive Oil Offers!

    Take advantage of our offers

    Discover our offers and take the opportunity to try the extra virgin olive oil of Oleoyebel without shipping or added shipping costs, give a touch of health to your diet and discover the best extra virgin olive oil on the market.
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Organic olive trees

From groves to the table


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oleoyebel is pure juice from selected olives, exclusively obtained by mechanical procedures, with a total absence of chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their cultivation, in accordance with the ecological agricultural rules.

Collect olive to make olive oil

History & Elaboration


We are olive growers from several generations. Our cultivation takes place in very rich soils and propitious to preserve in the best state our centenary olive trees. With our experience we have managed to produce a unique 100% natural olive oil.

Oleoyebel extra virgin olive oil bottles

Our formats


We have a wide range of bottles for our organic olive oil, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, from 5L to 250 ml. You can buy the format that best suits your needs. Check out all our formats.


Ecological agriculture

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We are producers of the organic olive with which this oil is made

We produce an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior quality certified by the Association of Organic Agriculture (CAAE). Our Olive Oil si of a grand density, fruity in the mouth with a delicate almond taste and a very balanced nose,, satisfying the most demanding palates. Its colour varies from golden yellow to deep green. It is a healthy and delicious product which helps control our cholesterol level and improve the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, with the use of organic farming, we help conserve the environment.

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