We care for the Environment

100% Organic Olive Oil, 100% natural

We grow the olive tree in an artisanal way, we do not use artificial fertilizers, we work with totally organic agriculture obtaining the following advantages:

  • Conservation of the quality in the food: the key being in the techniques which eliminate the toxic products, rotation of crops, etc.
  • More nutrients: organic olive oil contains more nutritional principles than that of conventional farming.
  • Lower energy costs: the environmental energy costs are lower, we do not use products which involve a high energy consumption. Moreover on not using chemical products we do not pollute the water or soil.
  • Ecological benefits: promoting a responsible and sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Social benefits: generating employment in relation to it artisanal production techniques.

Discover the organic olive oil of Oleoyebel and its properties:

Organic Olive Oil